Introducing the much awaited 17th season of NBA live mobile, where you can keep the franchise in your hands. Here’s to playing, connecting and competing with pals for free. The new version has lots in store for fans. After the off-season, EA sports have launched one of its biggest updates ever with some compelling improvements and additions that make the game more alive than ever before. You can build your team and fully dominate the opponents in gripping 5-on-5 action. The game also allows you to follow its live events throughout the year. The new season gives you a chance to hog the spotlight and form your legacy in one of the most authentically genuine and competitive basketball tussles on the planet.

The new additions

In case you’re wondering what’s new in store for you, the game’s renowned developers have updated different rosters alongside the in-game UI that reflects the new season. You have new courts, jerseys, updated player cards and logos reflecting all off-season moves. It also includes rookie auditions alongside a brand new rookie lineup event. Daily objectives are freshly added and there are new splash screens along with NBA live mobile icon. For the first-time in its history, you will find new languages. There is Turkish and Russian support as of now. More will follow shortly.

The game-play additions


You have tons of game-play improvements and enhancements, including large community-driven features, late game additions, new mechanics and tools for alley-oops and lots more. You have major passing modifications. The passing interceptions have all been fixed here. Now, you can quickly pass and play the ball around the concerned perimeter for creating pass and plays to players cutting through that lane and getting into the main paint. You have turnovers while driving. Players won’t lose the ball while bumping into opponents or driving into main hoop. However, the AI can snatch the ball from you. With drive blocking, the developers have curbed the blocking attempt ratio of AI on layups and dunks. It improves driving to the main hoop.

More on the improvements

The alley-oop techs deserve special mention in this regard. This has been a huge and noted community request. Gamers can now swipe from the ‘drive’ mode to pass for executing an alley-oop move/pass. Here, you don’t have to down drive but a quick swipe will do just fine. The outcomes depend on the concerted passing rating of players maneuvering the pass along with the dunk rating of the concerned player performing the dunk and catch. If you want to throw alley-oops with large centers, you won’t garner much success.

Some exclusive additions

The shot feedback is another important addition. The in-game modality now displays the reason behind a missed shot. It’s based on numerous factors. These are off-balance, guarded move, bad timing, low attribute, bad angle and range that determines your shot success. The game can now communicate all these factors to you. It can help in teaching players when to make moves, take shots or where to take those shots and just about whom to take them with. If you want to overboard and earn rewards for free, then this website is your ideal recourse.

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